Elroi Academy's Response to COVID-19 and the Decision to re-open Schools


Elroi Academy is about picking up the pieces left by conventional Education.


Since the announcement that schools will be re-opening with the option of sending your kids back to school, many pieces will fall to the ground, as fearful parents that are not willing to risk their children going back to school, will have to make another plan to ensure the academic year is not lost for their children. Elroi Academy can help if the learner is Grade 10-12, by offering a credible online education experience at the most affordable rate possible.

Grade 10 & 11

Grade 10 & 11 learners can register with Elroi Academy anytime as long as they have a valid term 1 report.

 We will give you a significant discount and even if that is a problem we encourage you to contact us to see what can be done.


Estimated Cost:


R10 700 for the rest of the year

Grade 12

Grade 12 learners can register for the Matric Final Exams through Elroi Academy, that is fairly certain to be conducted in November /December 2020, up until 18 June 2020.

The SACAI examination fees is a considerable expense which is outside our control, but if you can pay that over two months, you can enrol with a significant reduction in our fees which can be paid over several months up to January 2021.

Elroi Academy has no intention in getting rich at your expense and from this awful situation, we are committed to offering you our best service at the most affordable rate possible. The more we can save through the economy of numbers, therefor we will give you an extra 10% discount on our fee for every student that you refer to Elroi Academy that enrols with us for Grade 10-12.

Estimated Cost:

R17 000 Includes the Final Exam Registration Fees.

What Elroi Academy offers:

  • An online portal with resources and forums for study.

  • Study Guides that can be used with any textbooks that you already have (you don’t need to buy new textbooks)

  • Online Teacher support when you have questions or needs assistance.

  • All assessment are done online you do not need to post anything or attend any venue (excepts for the Grade 12 final exam)

  • Live Memo discussions after tests and exams.

  • Grade 12 includes online courses that offer additional online practice and materia for free.

Please note, that Elroi Academy offers primarily self-study with online assistant from qualified, competent and passionate teachers.

For an EXTRA 40% discount because you are affected by the Covid-19 crisis, contact us through Facebook for a discount code.