Frequently Asked Questions

So here is a list of questions (with answers) that we get alot...


Is Elroi Academy a registered school?

NO. Elroi Academy is not a school but rather an Assessment Centre and Curriculum Provider for SACAI, an UMALUSI Assessment Body. Elroi Academy is a registered Assessment centre for SACAI, and though schools are also Assessment Centre and Curriculum Providers, SACAI does not register their centres as schools under UMALUSI.


Our registration number is A-1006 -15. To confirm our registration with SACAI please contact SACAI at Tel: (012) 348-4650 / 5650 / 0501.


I did my Matric at an IEB school, can I still upgrade at Elroi Academy?

YES. Any Matric Certificate (National Senior Certificate), whether done through a DBE or IEB school is still an UMALUSI qualification and therefore can be upgraded with any UMALUSI Assessment Body. Elroi Academy offers upgrading through SACAI, an UMALUSI Assessment Body.


When do I qualify to do Old Syllabus Subjects?

If you are older than 21 and passed grade 9 (standard 7) you may register for ASC subjects.


Can I replace Mathematical Literacy on my Certificate with Mathematics

YES and Elroi Academy offers this replacement.


Can I add subjects to my Certificate that I did not have in Matric

Yes, but there are conditions. You may add or change one subject  to your National Senior Certificate. To add two subjects you must have passed your Matric with University Admission.


At the end of the year, does Elroi give me a new matric certificate? 

No. UMALUSI is the certification body, and they only issue a new certificate if you improve on your certificate, ie if you did not pass with exemption and now you do. SACAI issues you with a new mark statement which is what you will use to enroll with higher education institutions. This mark statement is issued very early in the new year. 


Which results should I use when I apply to study at a university? 

Universities are very accommodating on rewriters and upgraders. Most Universities accept a letter from us acknowledging that you are upgrading as well as the June exam report we will issue to you in early August. This together with your original Matric results can be used to apply to University.