Important information for 2014 Upgraders

Dear 2014 Upgrader


We are so glad you have taken the time to read this, since it is crucial that you understand that you are upgrading your grades at a very difficult time.


The CAPS Curriculum

Over the past two years the CAPS curriculum has been phased in, and you were probably the last to be on the older curriculum. Though the CAPS is NOT a new curriculum but rather an imporved curriculum, most subjects contain additional topics. These topics were indtroduced from Grade 10 and 11 and in 2014 it will be phased into the Grade 12 syllabus. 


How does this effect you?

Everyone who wrote matric after 2008 will have to upgrade to the CAPS curriculum if they are rewriting or replacing a subject and since such a person will not have done the CAPS topics in Gr 10-11 they will be at a serious disadvantage.


How are we addressing the problem?

Unlike other institutions Elroi Academy is an upgrading academy. Our courses are designed to cover ALL of the content that you will need to succeed in you're final exam. Other institutions only offers a repeat of Grade 12. We allow for more contact time and (unfortunately) no holidays, that we might complete all the topics before the trial exams.


Still not sure what we mean?

Maybe you would like to talk to someone about this. Please feel free to contact us and speak to someone that will be glad to explain the situation to you.


Hope to hear from you soon!