National Senior Certificate vs Amended Senior Certificate

Elroi is an online Academy, that offers our subjects with online courses. You therefor need a computer with Internet. We have video lectures, online notes and electronic exercises that are automatically graded with EXCELLENT online support via email. 


Where necessary our course cover ALL the work from Grade 10-12 to fill in the gaps in lower grades.


If you do not have a Matric and you are older than 21, then you have one of the following two options:

Number of Subjects
Exam Registration

Grade 11 OR Older than 21


R 17 000 - R 28 000

Elroi Registers Candidate for NSC with SACAI

  • Candidate need not worry about Registering for Exam

  • SBA mark helps improve the final mark

  • Good success-rate

  • Expensive

Older than 21


R 14 500

Students must register themselves with DBE

  • It is simple because you only have to prepare for one exam

  • It is much cheaper

  • It is a perfectly valid Matric Certificate issued by UMALUSI


  • It has a very poor success rate due to people underestimating it

  • You have to register yourself with the Department of Education

  • Elroi can only help you prepare for the Exam, we cannot help you with any administrative matters relating to the exam.