FET Mathematics CAPS

This course was designed to prepare you for the final exam and tertiery studies.


The course consist of All the Gr 10-12 CAPS content presented in a meaningful way.


The online Course

The online course presents the content with video lectures (5-10 min each) and assess your understanding with electronic exercises that can almost generate endless amounts of exercises.


The Campus Course

The Campus course may present the online course to learners by making computers available to them, and having a lecturer assist the learner when they need help. This has proven to be our most successful model with learners attaining distinctions that previously scored less than 50%.


​Traditional lectures will also be presented for the learners that prefer that medium.


FET Physical Science

Similar to the Mathematics course this course is designed to prepare you for the final exam and tertiary studies. 


The course consists of all the Grade 10-12 CAPS topics that will be assessed in the final exam. 


Online Course

The online course consists of video lectures on the topics and electronic exercises that in most cases can generate different practice problems to test your knowledge. 


The Campus Course

The campus course may also make use of the online course by making computers available to the learners to access the online courses. This has proven to be the best teaching model. A lecturer is available to help the learner when they get stuck.


Traditional lectures will also be presented for the learners that prefer that medium.





​R 1 200 py

R   600 py

R    610 py

R   600 py


Other FET Subjects

The first fully online South African Matric Accounting course includes:

  • Full Gr 12 CAPS curriculum with additional core knowledge revision of topics covered in previous years.

  • Video Lectures and other interactive content

  • Executive summaries for quick revision.

  • A wide range of progressive electronic exercises that provide immediate feedback.(Questions include basic theory questions and more advanced questions that require learners to prepare General Ledger accounts, Financial Statements, Ratio Analysis, Cost Accounting statements and more...)

  • Unlimited number of practice opportunities.

  • Online review and revision of past exam paper questions






Othe subjects available 

  • Life Sciences

  • English HL


These courses are also designed to cover all of the Gr 10-12 CAPS topics which is crucial for the 2015 upgraders. Because of the increased amount of work the number of hours dedicated to each subject per week is more than at the normal institution.